The Coven and the Golden Community.

made for people like you.

What is the Golden Community.

The team here had an idea a few years ago that we would run courses and community communication online. We did just that and it’s taken this long to get it how we wanted it. Like with anything we were uncertain how it was all going to work out but it’s actually been better over these past 6 months. 

We’ve now managed to get it to it’s golden stage of development and this can’t be done alone. The students who are and probably won’t move have been one of the very best providers of support for new students.

If people are genuinely happy within the group settings, why would they move on? That’s why it’s now called the golden community because of the warm and welcoming atmosphere we, us, you have created.

The Coven

The coven really creates a sense of belonging for those that want to belong with exceptional people, that enjoy the crafts and wisdom of nature.

It’s like a homecoming of great and wonderful people that are the mainstay in the Golden Community. 

Together they have created a great community which will last and last and last. 

The vibes are right the energy is balanced and incredibly grounded.

You won’t believe what’s inside:


Dedicated trained staff.

Online courses and healing sessions daily.

Constant training.

Get in touch

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The coven and the golden community are provided by the black spider witch.