Hunters Moon Spell

just me and the moon


facebook live spell and hunters potion bottle.

13th october 2019

The hunters moon.

Well this year according to experts from the Farmer’s Almanac the full hunter’s moon is going to be the biggest ever seen and it’s all down to how it rises and where it rises from.

So this year the full hunter’s moon will rise around the sky’s horizon at sunset and it goes without saying, that the closer to the horizon the closer it will be, and this means a bigger and frosty moon will shine upon us. 

Then again this could all be a huge amount of trickery as what appears to be a large moon might actually be some kind of moon magic bringing the ‘wow’ factor out on a cold a hopefully cloudless night.

Farmer’s Almanac say that this moon is quite unique as it can actually manipulate the months by tricking it into showing either in the month of october or november. They say there is only two full moons similar in name that can do this.

Of course many moons ago people, tribes, cultures and civilizations would follow the paths of the given moons to either follow traditions like hunting for example, or shadow worship these great times and feast and prepare full parties if you like for their beliefs. 

It goes without saying most people see the moon, forget the moon and drive on through life, moon after moon and simply marvel at the sight – being half moon or other but neither the wiser, as it shows when it shows, and that’s it.

But for the believer in all that stands tall and so far away the universe is a completely different kind of space, which brings out that magic and superior thought ( just kidding ) but on a feature note, this actually is that kinda thing right??

The Black Spider Witch will be performing her mastered witchy gift on the very day, and it will be for money of course live on Facebook for everyone to see. 

It’s the potion that we like as it comes all neatly packed and something you can wear and even use on your candles if needs be, or sat up on the shelf ready for the next potion bottle. Well!! They are nice.

So what’s the power of this moon? Well, thinking about it, it’s a time to put all that intention into this great big HUGE moon and really going for it in love, career, success, or even personal matters.

The power of the moon and the universe creates a wave of emotion and really binds things together and it’s been this way since the beginning of the universal creation and that’s how it’s remained and without it, I doubt we would even exist.

So with all that being said, it’s not done until it’s done. Does that make any sense at all? The power of intentions and a fully charged spell all inside one tiny little bottle of magick could – because we can only say for entertainment purposes only, could be ‘ just me and the moon ‘


hunters moon potion and spell

Just me and the moon.