Most frequent questions and answers

We do offer credits that are applied to your account with credit coupons if items are damaged or lost due to errors once they have been shipped.

Virtual goods or services that are deemed in the virtual sense, are subject to the terms of use policy.

There are many ways to offer these services, through text, phone or video. We don’t offer premium text services, and never will do. Everything is purchased through a merchant payment service. Security is our top priority.

No. We can arrange times and dates by working out the different zones so no matter where you are, and as long as you have a stable internet connection we can provide you with a reading.

Rachel Gibson is the only reader. We do have plans to allow other readers in the near future.

No. We only offer paid readings and professional services. We value our service and so should you. 

All the courses and materials are workable and viewable online via a virtual classroom.

If you missed your reading please access the support feature on the site so the team can arrange another appointment. 

Depending on where you are and if we have the product in stock. UK it can be anything from 1-3 days, and the rest of the world 5-7 days. Please be aware if your parcel is held up by customs and excise we have no control over the release.

Support is offered by using the support feature on every page on this site. It’s a purple support icon on the bottom of every device.